Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my fire damaged house or business be completely restored?

A: Fire damage repair can appear overwhelming to someone who is not used to dealing with it every day. You would be surprised by some of the disasters we have restored to like new condition.

Q: How to Clean Fire Damage Up?

A: For us, fire damage cleanup is all about making everything as painless as possible for you. The fire damage restoration process typically begins with an insurance claim. A properly handled fire damage insurance claim will insist that your property is fully restored according to government-mandated regulations. This is important, because, as you know, insurance companies only want to pay what is absolutely necessary. Your restoration company should handle the negotiation with the insurance company for you, while keeping you in the loop. It is the only way to be certain you are getting the service you have paid for with your insurance premiums.

So, what is the fire damage cleanup process?

First things first: Remember that a burn site must first be declared safe by the fire department officials before trying to do any fire damage cleaning, restoring, and rebuilding. Also, after a disaster, it can be tempting for many people with fire damaged homes or businesses to want to immediately start trying to fix the damage on their own. Unfortunately, this can cause more harm than good, if people do not really know what they are doing. What is most important to realize is that time is of the essence and that the smartest move is to contact your local restoration company as soon as possible. Secondary damage, like water and mold damage can often be just as bad as or worse than the original fire damage itself, if not cared for immediately.

Here is a small list of things you might not immediately think about but that your Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC Expert will be thinking about during the fire damage clean up:

  • Loss of structural integrity
  • Non-visible structural damage
  • Obvious structure damage, such as charred walls, burned cabinets, water damage on carpet, etc.
  • Personal property loss, especially if it is difficult to account for partially or completely destroyed items
  • Tax, will, and other important legal document drying and salvage
  • Fire damaged concrete (believe it or not!)
  • Smoke damage claims (Obviously, fire and smoke damage go hand in hand, but a careless restoration company could overlook numerous less obvious forms of damage, when working with claims adjustors.)
  • Fire, water, or smoke damage to electronics
  • Fire, water, or smoke damaged clothes
  • Smoke damaged furniture
  • General smoke damage repair and smoke damage smell removal for the structure and property

Smoke damage to lungs (Smoke damaged lungs can be overlooked in the wake of a disaster, but it is an important medical loss that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.)

Again, that is only a small list, and there are many more. In short, the fire damage cleaning process involves a lot more than the average person could possibly be prepared to handle. Better to contact Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC and let their Florida Fire Damage Restoration experts handle all aspects. It is the safest and most cost-effective way to make sure that your losses are fully covered by your insurance company, and that you get back to normal as quick as possible.

Our loss restoration process

Loss recovery is an intricate process and should not cause the same level of stress as the actual disaster itself. When your property is damaged, call Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC trained technicians to respond immediately. Our continuously trained and skilled team of Project Managers will assess the extent of your commercial loss, create a detailed scope of restoration work, determine the best course of action, and get started on getting you back in business.

Having years of experience working with all aspects of the insurance industry, Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC will contact and work directly with your insurance company and adjuster making sure your process is smooth, painless and fair.

Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC understands the importance of communication surrounding a loss. You will receive detailed daily communication explaining what work was accomplished that day, what is scheduled for the following day as well as a realistic timeline for completion.

Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC employs the latest technologies the restoration industry has to offer. Know that whatever the best practice in water mitigation, water drying, smoke and soot removal, ozone cleaning, green cleaning and reconstruction, Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC has it and will use it to handle your loss the most efficient and effective way. You can rest assured Insurance Reconstruction Services Services, LLC will take care of you, your staff, tenants and most importantly your property and business.

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